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Individual Psychotherapy (Talk-Insight Oriented Therapy)

If you are someone who is feeling depressed, anxious, wondering what your life is all about, unable to make decisions or commitments or even know what you really want in life, you may benefit from individual sessions.
This is a special time to really get to know yourself and for people interested in exploring the deeper meaning to their thoughts, feelings, dreams, and behaviors to truly gain insight that they can use to make life the way they want.

Marital or Relationship Counseling

people black coupleIf you are struggling with relationships, either finding one, keeping one or perhaps even thinking of leaving someone, relationship counseling may be the answer for you. You may be a single person who just can’t find the “right” person, an engaged couple wanting to discuss some issues in premarital counseling, or a married couple running into difficult patterns that result in threats of divorce or even thoughts about having an extramarital affair.

Relationship sessions are conducted in a safe and respectful environment where people get a chance to really listen to what they and the other are feeling, needing, and hoping for with the opportunity to learn to design the relationship they desire through creating a strong alliance with each other and learning techniques to make it happen.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)

EMDR is a highly effective shorter term therapy for people dealing with both big “t” and small “t” traumas. This psychological/neurological approach to healing has been researched for the last twenty years with dozens of clinical studies documenting its effectiveness. EMDR can be used for a wide range of difficulties including people dealing with the effects of severe traumas, like tragic deaths, witnessing tragedies, accidents, rape and sexual abuse, war trauma, terrorist attacks, etc. As well as those dealing with the effects of other childhood traumas such as witnessing parental conflict, abandonment or divorce, neglect, many moves, school difficulties including having been bullied, learning disabilities, performance anxiety, memories of embarrassment, etc.

People often are triggered in adulthood in ways that reactivate old memories, feelings, beliefs and behaviors from the past that are stored in part of their mind unable to be released. EMDR assists these stored experiences to come out of storage and be reprocessed so the person can make new and different meanings, beliefs, etc. going forward in life.

If you are someone who believes you are still connected to the past in ways that feels it is with you in your present life, this may be an approach that can help you free yourself and be the person you are today

For more information about EMDR click here


Imago Relationship Therapy

Even in a relationship that feels great, there are times when partner can feel alone, unsupported, and unloved.  What is going on? When the early excitement of falling in love fades, differences which once felt trivial become the source of disagreement and frustration.

Imago Relationship theory explains why the differences which lead to frustrations are actually a natural part of what originally attracted you to each other. Using insights from brain studies and major psychological research, we can help you look at the story of your relationship in a fresh way.

The Imago Dialogue is a simple, respectful and effective way to talk with your partner about the things that really matter. (taken from www.gettheloveyouwant.com)  For more information about Imago Relationship Therapy click here


Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can be used for many different kinds of issues. For  those  people  dealing with more behavioral issues,  like  stopping smoking, weight management, negative habits, performance anxiety, goal achievement, etc. hypnosis may be right for you as a short term approach to resolving your issues. Clinical Hypnosis is also used for medical issues including pre/post surgical procedures, phobias, reducing pain and stress, and has been very effective with certain gastric diseases such as Irritible Bowel Syndrome.

For more information about Hypnotherapy, click here

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