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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you evaluate what is the right approach for each client?

Regardless of who comes in, be it a couple or individual, an older person or younger person, the first few sessions are about hearing what the concerns are, developing rapport between client and therapist, and getting a sense of whether or not the style of the therapist and the treatment options available are a good “fit” for the client. Treatment does not begin until it is clear what the goals are and a beginning working agreement has been established between client and therapist.

This increases the probability that the outcome will be successful.

What are the costs for therapy and do they differ depending on the approach used?

All sessions are on a fee for service basis, meaning that charges are paid at the time of the session either by check, cash or credit card. Since Mr. Nozicka does not bill insurance directly the client is given a statement including all information required to submit to insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to check if their insurance will cover a portion of the service prior to scheduling the first appointment.

Most sessions last 45 to 60 minutes depending on what approach has been recommended. EMDR and hypnosis sessions can at times last longer where the fee may be adjusted to reflect the time necessary to effectively use those techniques. Sometimes couples sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes when indicated depending on the issues and the frequency in which the clients can meet. Most clients attend weekly sessions especially in the beginning of treatment.


Are therapy costs negotiable?

We are willing to discuss fees under certain conditions at the time of the first appointment. For clients committed to change and working with Mr. Nozicka but who are not covered under their insurance, a fee adjustment will be considered.


What are the hours of operation for your services?

Appointments for the Highland Park office are available Monday through Thursday with evening hours available up to 8pm two nights per week.

Appointments for the Palatine office are all day Fridays and appointments may be arranged for either office on Saturdays at various times if needed.


Are all appointments in the office or are there phone sessions available?

Most sessions are conducted in person, however, there are times when phone sessions are conducted either to maintain continuity in the therapy when in-office visits are not possible or, when clients are interested in more coaching type sessions where they can call from anywhere in the world.

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